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How to Make the Ultimate Smoke Bomb
This tutorial explains how to make a high output smoke bomb. This mixture burns slower than the typical smoke mix formula found on the internet and outputs a thicker smoke. A little bit goes a long way!

For materials you will need:
-Potassium Nitrate - Can be bought of internet sites like eBay, at hardware stores as powdered stump remover, (make sure you read the back to make sure it is potassium nitrate!), and at some fertilizer shops.    


-Wax (candle wax, paraffin, etc.)

Cardboard Tubes/Aluminum Foil - This is used to contain the mix.     

Step 1 - Weigh Chemicals
Weigh Out the chemicals in this ratio: 6 parts Potassium Nitrate, 4 parts sugar, 3 parts wax. Remember, this ratio is by WEIGHT, not volume!

Mix the Potassium Nitrate and Sugar together until completely mixed.

Step 2 - Preparing the Composition

Next, place the wax in a different container and melt it.

Once completely melted, start slowly adding the nitrate/sugar mix and stir it in to the molten wax.

Once you have nearly added in all of the mix, put a little bit of the nitrate/sugar powder off to the side for later, you will use this to prime the smoke bomb. 

Step 3 - Making the Smoke Bomb

Pack the waxy mix into airtight tubes or aluminum foil. It is very important that not much air can get to the mix while it is burning or it will burn with a flame instead of smoke.

Once the tube is near full, add the nitrate/sugar powder you saved to the top of the mix.

Add a fuse and cover the mix with a tube cap or with aluminum foil.

Now you are ready to light it! About an ounce of this composition will burn for about a minute, so just a little it of this composition will go a very long way. I am able to smoke out the forest in my backyard with just a few ounces of this stuff. In all of my years of messing with pyrotechnics, this is by far the best smoke formula I have found.

Step-by-step video:

Enjoy and be careful!

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