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This tutorial is intended for US citizens that are only able to import 5mW or weaker lasers without FDA safety features.

This is legal because it is only illegal to import a handheld laser over 5mW into the US, you can import laser modules over 5mW without FDA safety features 100% legally. It is also legal to assemble your own handheld laser over 5mW as long as you don't sell it.

This mod requires very basic soldering skills.

Be careful with any laser, don't point it at aircraft and use goggles when necessary!

For parts you will need:
-Any NewWish pen green laser. Here is the $10 "True 5mW" from DX
-A green laser module from this site. Here is the 200mW rated module (should output at least 100mW-150mW)
-A vise
-A soldering Iron
-A small 2x4 or similar block of wood.

Step 1 - Pointer Disassembly
Start by drilling a 1/2" hole in the block of wood. Next cut it in half so that you have a clamp that will hold your laser. The wood is used here so the metal vise doesn't scratch up the laser.

Place the silver cap into the clamp, and then tighten the vise. Wiggle the pointer around until the module pulls out, the module is only press fit in there so there is no glue or threads to worry about.

Step 2 - Module Mods
Take the button and set it aside, do not lose it! Take the foam spring protector and the silver cap off of the old module, and screw the silver cap onto the new module.

The new module will come with lead wires soldered to it, you will have to remove these by desoldering them.

Desolder the spring off of the old module and solder it on to the new module.

Step 3 - Reassembly
Put the button back into the laser pointer, and then align the module's switch with the button.

Put the module and pointer top in a vise and press them together, do NOT over tighten. Put a rag in the vise so you don't smash the pointer with metal on metal contact.

Put your batteries back in the laser and you are ready to go!

Depending on how powerful of a laser module you purchased, you could be able to light matches and pop balloons with your new laser.

Step-by-step video:

Enjoy and be careful!

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