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130mW Evolution Pro from Wicked Lasers

The Basics
This laser is from Wicked's newest lineup of green lasers and will be released to the public soon. This laser is from the new Evolution series, more info on this series and the other new additions to the Wicked lineup can be found here.

Shipping was lightning fast to me in the United States. This laser came in a big box, and in the big box was a very nice presentation box. The box has a magnetic closing mechanism so it stays shut.

The box has a deep cutout for the laser. Also included in this box was a warning label, but I can't find a spot on the laser to put it!

Overall Appearance/Feel
This laser looks SWEET!

This laser runs off AAs so it dwarfs most other "pen style" lasers, here is a picture comparing this beast to a new-style dilda, a NewWish pen, and a CNI GLP-150.

Even with the big size, it still feels nice in the hand because of how the casing was designed. The casing definitely is a work of art! The laser itself is lightweight, probably because of the aluminum construction.

The lens cover looks to be AR coated for 532nm. This cover gives this laser a mean look because when in foggy environments the beam seems to just appear from the lens cap instead of from inside the laser. Here is a picture of this effect.

This cover gets dirty easily when in your pocket, but fortunately it is also easy to clean.

Safety Features
In these new series of lasers, Wicked gets to brag that their lasers are FDA compliant. In the battery tube of the laser is what I believe is the FDA accession number.

A safety dongle is integrated into the tailcap for safe storage. If this is removed, the laser is not operational. This is great if you are in a household with curious people that would mess with this laser after telling them a thousand times not to.

Here is what the little key looks like.

The other safety feature is the LED indicator. In my opinion, the only thing this is good for is looking cool, because you don't need a little red light to tell you that 140mW of green laser beam is coming out of the laser, even with goggles on. Wicked didn't go overboard with the indicator LED either, in some other lasers the indicator blinds you more than the laser beam, so it is nice to have a noticeable but not sun-like safety light.

As you would expect, this laser is very, very bright.

Peaking at 160mW goggles are necessary for close up work. The beam of this laser is very visible in a well lit room. This laser runs in a clean TEM00 no matter the conditions.

The most remarkable aspect of this laser's output is its beam diameter. As with Wicked's old Evo series, the beam diameter of this laser is very low and meant for burning. Here is a picture comparing this to a 200mW red laser.

The beam diameter of this laser even rivals my CNI!

Add some fog and this thing becomes a lightsaber!

One trade off for the super low beam diameter is the divergence. Unfortunately the laws of physics screw us over here, but with a lower initial beam diameter the higher the divergence is going to get. With this being said, divergence of this laser is totally acceptable and still allows for very far distance pointing at night.

Wicked sent a power graph with this laser, looks to be pretty stable.

Being a 140mW green laser with a needle thin beam diameter, this laser can do some nice burning tricks! This laser will eat through matches and balloons, cut electrical tape, and smoke nearly any dark plastic. With a bit of patience, it is also possible to engrave wood with this laser.

Overall this is a good laser, it is my next pocket laser show!

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