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50mW Waterproof Green Laser from Rayfoss

The Basics
The whole reason why I bought this laser was because it is waterproof. DX used to sell some lasers that some people claimed were waterproof, but there were others that said otherwise. The seller claims that this laser really is waterproof so I decided to give it a try.

Shipping took about nine days after ordering from China, which is actually pretty fast. This company does ship to the US unlike DX/KD, which makes this laser a great alternative to those sites. Shipping isn't free like a lot of Chinese sites you see, but it is still only $4. The laser came in a small padded envelope with a white box with a section for the laser and an included 3.7v rechargeable CR123.

When I emailed Faona asking about a charger for the laser, she nicely threw in a charge for free! Unfortunately the charger is meant for the 3 volt rechargeables (the charger outputs 3.7v, 3.7v rechargeables need a charger that outputs around 4.2v). This means the charger only can charge the included battery up to 3.7v so there isn't much battery life in between charges, but I have the right charger coming in from hightechdealz so it is all good. It's the thought that counts, right?

Overall Appearance/Feel
I personally love the overall appearance of this laser, the pictures really don't do it justice! I know some people here don't like flashlight style lasers, but I like the feel of them in the hand.

The tailcap clicky has a good flimsy grip, it isn't the least bit flimsy. It is just like your typical LED flashlight switch. It is a reverse clicky so you can't do momentary on, only momentary off.]

This laser easily disassembles into 3 parts:

As you can see there are O-rings which help keep the water out. Everything fits together nicely and snug, which is pretty important if you feel like taking a swim with this.

There is a second lens in the head of the laser meant to keep the water out. It is recessed below the aperture so water will get stuck in here and leave water spots. This is a problem you will see with all waterproof lasers unless the protective lens is flush with the aperture, but then the lens will get scratched up very easily. At least you can clean water spots.

The laser module inside looks to be just like your typical Rayfoss/O-like module, but I really wouldn't expect anything different.

Visibility is what you would expect for a 50mW green laser, very bright. The beam is visible in a lit room, and this is with only half charged batteries.

The beam of this laser is very thin, almost as thin as my CNI GLP-150! This is great for burning tricks, but a trade off for this is only mediocre divergence. Here is a beam shot trying to capture how much the beam enlarges over distance, but it was too bright out so the picture kinda sucks.

This laser does output a lot of artifacts, this picture was taken before the laser had been underwater. I used my finger to block out the beam so you could see the scatter.

It really is only noticeable from up close though.

The beam at night is very visible, the more humidity in the air the better! Sorry for no beam shots, I never got around to taking them. Just look up my beam shots of my other 50mW green lasers if you want to see what this one is

This laser really isn't a great burner but I wouldn't expect much out of a 50mW greenie, I can pop balloons and punch holes through trash bags pretty easily. I can even sting my skin, but that is because it is darker from the summer sun here

Yes, it really is waterproof! The O-rings work great at keeping the water out, I haven't tried anything deeper than a couple feet of water though.

Final Notes
When ordering from Rayfoss, don't even bother with their online checkout system, it is messed up. It is much easier just to email them your order.

Oh, the instructions were funny...

Overall this is a cool laser and I would recommend it, just don't put in the batteries backwards!

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