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DealExtreme 1x AAA 5mW Green Laser Pointer

The Basics
This laser is one of DealExtreme's newer additions to their green lasers. This laser model comes in advertised powers from 5mW up to 30mW. For US buyers, the 5mW version is the only one available so I decided to give it a shot.

Shipping took about three weeks from China. Like I said earlier, this laser is legally shippable to the US. The packaging was a padded envelope. The laser itself came in a clear magnetic case with cutouts for the laser, the diffraction head, and a AAA battery.

Overall Appearance/Feel
This laser is different from other green lasers I have seen so I don't have anything to compare it to.

The switch is a momentary push button which has a solid click. The laser is somewhat light for its size, it's nothing like the heavy NewWish pens.

The warning sticker is on the wrong side of the laser! This is a con because I have about beamed the thing in my eye thinking I was pointing it away from me when in reality I was looking down the aperture!

It was easy to move to the other end though.

The diffraction head screws right on the the aperture of the laser, so you can remove it if you want to use it as a regular pointer.

The head isn't too flimsy or sticky, so it will stay where you last turned it until you move it again.

Visibility is what you would expect for your typical overpowered "5mW" greenie from China. My unmetered guess would put it at around 10mW to 15mW or so compared to similar metered lasers I have. Here is this laser compared to an average True 5 from DX:

The beam is very visible at night and barely visible in a lit room. With the diffraction head you will need some fog for the beams to be visible.

Here is a beam shot in some fog:

Beam diameter and divergence are average, so there's not much to talk about here.

I haven't dissembled this laser yet, so I'll leave this spot reserved for observations.

Overall: This is a great laser for the price, at $10 there's not much to loose. Just the fact that this is powered by one AAA is a huge plus.



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