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DealExtreme 200mW Red laser

The Basics
I really enjoy this laser. This is probably the best burner I own, It burns just as well as an open can metered at 211mW. I am sure it is near 200mW as it is noticeably brighter than a 16x burner laser diode running at 200mA. This laser feels like it is well built, it doesn't feel like it is going to fall apart when you set it on a table. The fact that it has an on/off tail cap clicky switch is a huge plus, this makes it super easy to just set down the laser and burn from across the room. Unlike what other people have said, the focusing lens is not loose, it is nice and sturdy. But the biggest advantage of this laser over other lasers is that is $53.80 shipped, this is 20% the price of WL's pulsar and it is near twice the power. To be honest, this thing beats many of the DIY lasers sold here for the same price!

Shipping for this laser took about three weeks, but it was free and I was expecting that so I'm not going to complain. But I am going to complain about the packaging, it sucked! For a trip from China to here, I was expecting decent packaging. It came in a paper envelope! Here is a picture of the packaging:

At least the laser was wrapped in bubble wrap though.

Don't worry, the laser turned out fine. There were no scratches on it or any physical blemishes.
Here is the laser, it doesn't look as bad as the DX pictures show it as:

One thing I found odd was that the warning sticker on the laser was the exact same sticker that is on some Aixiz modules. This gives me a theory that this laser could be manufactured by the same company that manufactures Aixiz modules!

This thing is about as bright as my DX30 from up close. One thing to note is that this thing seems to be able to go much farther distances than my DX30, this might be due to the fact that you can dial down the divergence to pretty low. DX is totally BSing everybody on the fact that this thing has a visible beam in daytime though. The beam is pretty dim at night, it is noticeable but it is dimmer than a 5mW green. There is also a line through the dot, it is like that of many of our DIY lasers, but this is only noticeable when you set the laser down and walk up to the dot from 10 feet away.

Now for the reason why most people buy this thing: burning. This thing is a great burner! It lights white matches with a breeze, and I can light matches at 12 feet in just a few seconds, even when my hand isn't steady. At 15 feet it pops balloons near instantly. Sharpied/black matches light the INSTANT the dot is put on them if you focus the dot to a point. You can just wave a black match through the focused part of the beam and the match lights, I'm not even kidding. Electrical tape is like a joke to this thing, it cuts it like a knife. It even burns my white, pasty skin. At this power goggles are a must, I can't believe the power of this thing, and I only paid $54 for it! This thing would whip a weak Pulsar ANY day, and it is only a fifth of the price. Instead of paying $250 for 125mW of red from wicked, you could buy 1000mW of focusable red light from DX. I also enjoy engraving stuff into wood with this thing. Here are a few videos of the laser, the videos are around 8MB to 11MB a piece.

Lighting 3 matches near instantly

Lighting a WHITE match

Popping a a balloon at 15ft:

Lighting some Black powder

For all of those people who said this was going to be a "worldwide sigh of disappointment", you were proven wrong ;D

Video Overview:

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