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DealPerfect "200mW" Green Pen Laser

My current camera is getting sent in for repair so for this review I had to use a different camera. Sorry for the bad pictures.

The Basics
DealPerfect was started by ex-DX employees so the site functions very similar to DX. The claimed power of this laser is 200mW and it runs off of 2x AAAs.

Shipping took about three weeks, shipping was free so I can't expect any faster from China. Packaging was a padded envelope, the laser itself came in a padded black presentation box.

Overall Appearance/Feel
The design of this laser is your typical NewWish pen. As you can see the laser came with two alkaline batteries which surprisingly worked well in the laser.

The laser feels like a block of lead compared to a lot of handhelds, this a plus because it makes it feel like this is solidly built.

Here is this laser compared to a DX Dilda and the AA 50mW from FocalPrice.

As with all NewWish pens, these are hard to take apart. I didn't pull this completely apart but a lot of aspects are obvious without completely disassembling the laser.

The circuit board of this laser is supported by a big resistor which is an improvement over the old NewWish pens. This means the circuit board won't bend down or break after some use.

This laser does heat up a bit after a lot of use, so my guess is that this uses one of the 500mW 9mm pumps.

Visibility is similar to what I remember of my old X105. This laser is very bright and goggles are recommended for close up work! My unmetered output guess is that this laser is somewhere in the vicinity of 100mW. Here is this laser compared to the WL Evo Pro 130mW (This one peaks at around 160mW):

Something unique that I noticed about this laser is that it has a "sweet spot". The beam is at its smallest at about 1-2 feet and this is where it is best at burning. I have never seen a green laser that has had a sweet spot before because they nearly always diverge from the aperture, where this one converges from the aperture.

This laser does not operate in a perfect TEM00 but is closer to TEM01. This is very hard to notice but can be picked out when pointing long distances at night. Here is the beam expanded on a wall to show the shape. As you can see it is more of an oval. Sometimes the definition of two separate beams is more apparent.

The bream diameter of this laser is fairly low which is good for burning. The beam divergence is pretty average, it is a little better than my CNI.

The laser takes about a half of a second to warm up to full power, I recorded this and when the clip is slowed down, the fact that this is not IR filtered becomes apparent.

This is nothing the piss your pants about because the IR stays very well collimated within the main green beam so you would have to be directly exposed to the green beam to get any real IR exposure, and then as we all know we have more to worry about than some IR.

This laser burns pretty well for a green laser because of its sweet spot. Matches light fairly fast and balloons pop instantly. This can cut electrical tape and smoke leather and dark plastics. Watch the video to see the burning in action.

Overall: This laser does have its flaws but is still worth the $50 they charge for it. This would be a great first powerful green to somebody who doesn't feel like shelling out much money.

Video Overview:

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