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30mW Kaleidoscopic Green Laser from BudgetGadgets

Most of you probably know about the kaleidoscopic 30mW that DX sells, but if you live in the US you can't get one. This laser always interested me so I decided to give it a try.

The Basics
This laser takes 2 AAA batteries, two came with the laser so you can use it out of the box. The laser feels nice in the hand because of its weight, and the button feels sturdy also. The ring used to change the beam pattern is firm and doesn't come off when you are using it.

Shipping took about two weeks from China, but shipping was free so I'm not complaining. This site does ship 5mW lasers to the US unlike DX/KD. It was packaged well, as you can see it came in a foam padded gift case.

The case has slots for the laser and 2 AAA batteries, and like I mentioned before it came with two off-brand alkaline AAAs so it can be used out of the box. Surprisingly the cheap AAAs worked fine in the laser.

Overall Appearance/Feel
The overall design of this laser looks professional and like I said earlier it feels good in the hand. The "beam pattern changer" (for lack of a better term) feels sturdy and doesn't feel cheap.

As a Pointer...
This laser doesn't always have to be a star projector, you can simply unscrew the diffraction head and use it as you would any 30mW green laser 8-)

Pointing the laser into its case:

Because this is only a 30mW laser, don't be expecting to do much burning with this. As you know, this is meant for display, not burning. I can pop balloons unaided with this laser, and I can even light sharpied paper matches when I focus this laser to a point. But burning is the last thing you will be doing with this laser...

With the Diffraction Head
Here is a picture of the laser with the Diffraction Head on:

Here is a picture of pointing the laser into its gift box:

To change the pattern of the dots, just turn the ring at the top of the laser. Here are a couple patterns you can get with this laser:

In a dark room or outside at night this thing looks absolutely amazing! If you turn the head really fast, the dots look like fireflies all over the place! In a dark room these dots look like stars...I wish I could get a picture of how awesome this looks. This laser is so much different than anything else that I have owned, I never can set this down!

I thought the laser looked awesome enough in a dark room, but when you add fog this thing is awesome times 10! My fog machine is fried so the next best thing was to steam up my bathroom with the shower and use long exposure on my camera. Again pictures don't describe how sweet this looks.

Up close shot of the laser:

More shots of the laser with different beam patterns...

For the price this is one of the best lasers you can get. It is like a mini laser show in the palm of your hand!

Video Overview:

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